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Crystal O.P.C

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Crystal OPC is a popular, soap-free, whippable base for making mild face and body cleansing applications such as sugar scrubs, bath butters and soap frostings. This whip base offers a mild, non-irritant, creamy cleanser for all skin types including sensitive skin. This product can be personalised by adding up to 2% of essential oils, fragrances or other additives.

Technical Information

  • Mild cleansing base which can be whipped to create souffle-like foaming cleansing body butter or scrub.
  • Fully formulated base.
  • Can be personalised by adding fragrance, colour, exfoliants.
  • Excellent foaming.
  • Free from soap, SLS and SLES.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.


Note – if you are using a cake mixer or industrial mixer, ensure you use enough base. During our

testing we used a standard cake mixer with a 3.5L capacity bowl and between 800g to 1kg of

Crystal OPC. If you do not use enough base it will stick to the sides and not mix/whip

thoroughly enough to produce a fluffy whipped finished product. We recommend scraping the

base from the sides of the mixer/bowl to ensure the base is all fully whipped.

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