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Rape Seed Wax & Stearic Acid (flakes)

Rape Seed Wax & Stearic Acid (flakes)

Everything you need to know!

6237 Rape Seed Wax

6237 Rapeseed Wax This white, high quality, buttery wax is obtained from rapeseed oil via hydrogenation. It has a very soft, creamy consistency and is an ideal alternative to butters.

It is ideal for skin care, as it provides emulsions with a super creamy and buttery skin feel. It also prolongs playtime of body butters and massage products. In color cosmetics such as lip products, cream blush, foundation and mascara, it improves texture and pay-off. Furthermore, KahlWax 6237 Rapeseed improves shine and acts as a conditioning agent in hair care formulations.

1802 Stearic Acid (Flakes)

1802 Stearic Acid (Flake). In soap making, stearic acid is a great addition to your recipes if you'd like to create an extra-firm bar of soap. It's a waxy, colourless (or white) solid with a mild odour.
If you're using it in candles, stearic acid is an effective hardener. And the harder the wax, the longer it will take the flame to melt it, meaning your candle will burn for longer.

This is in a flake form. Our stearic acid is obtained from the fatty parts of plant sources, which makes it ideal for use in natural formulations.