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Rice Bran Wax & Berry Wax

Everything you need to know!

2811 Rice Bran Wax

2811 Rice Bran Wax is high-quality, produced through our specific production methods ensures exceptional purity and a transparent melt. Derived from rice bran as a by-product of oil production, this double-refined, light-coloured wax is characterized by its hardness and high melting point.

When applied, KahlWax 2811 Rice provides a pleasant, dry, lightweight skin feel, imparting a matte appearance to formulations. It supports heat stability and breakage resistance in sticks while enabling the creation of very hard formulations. Additionally, when used in emulsions, it enhances viscosity, stability, and skin feel.

6290 Berry Wax

6290 Berry Wax, a low-melting soft wax derived from berry fruit peels of Rhus Verniciflua, offers a velvet, powdery skin feel. With a significant portion melting below 30°C, it provides a silky and soft skin sensation akin to a classic emollient. This wax enhances and stabilizes the structures of other crystallizing materials, such as high-melting waxes. Its versatility improves the sensory properties of cosmetic formulations across various applications. In oil-in-water emulsions, it yields exceptionally soft, smooth, and silky skin feel, creating creamy textures even at low concentrations. Additionally, it brightens creams, reduces droplet size for enhanced stability, and acts as a pay-off enhancer and lubricating additive in lip products and pencils. Moreover, it enhances the breakage resistance of stick preparations.