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About Us

We're thrilled to offer you an incredible selection of waxes, oils, and soap bases, and we're excited about the possibilities ahead! Our future plans include expanding our product line to encompass a delightful array of ingredients for bath and body products. Stay tuned for even more amazing options to enhance your skin and haircare products!

An old black and white photograph of an H Foster horse-drawn wagon.
Black and white photograph of H Foster wagon with barrels on the back.


In 2016, Father and son team, Tom and Simon embarked on the journey of creating the 1875 shop, driven by a passion to fill a gap in the market that we recognized. It became evident that hobbyists and small businesses crafting handmade soap, candles, and cosmetics lacked a dependable source for high-quality ingredients in smaller quantities. Determined to meet this demand, we gladly stepped in to provide a diverse range of products alongside expert advice and a warm, friendly service. Today, we take pride in being the go-to supplier for those who appreciate top-notch ingredients and personalized support. Our commitment to your creative endeavors continues to fuel our mission, making every step of your crafting journey a joyful and fulfilling experience!

Simon and Tom Eggar, owners of H Foster, sat at a desk together with a laptop.
Simon & Tom

Our team

Tanya - eCommerce Coordinator

Meet Tanya, the ecommerce coordinator with a twist—she's traded in her four years of childcare chaos for the equally unpredictable world of online shopping. Forget tantrums and crayons; Tanya now navigates the wild world of abandoned shopping carts and discount codes. Armed with the patience of a nursery assistant and the organizational skills of a parent managing snack time, Tanya is ready to tackle the e-commerce jungle. Her ability to handle toddler meltdowns has uniquely made her the perfect candidate for this rollercoaster of a job. Tanya's journey from pacifiers to pixels is a comedy of trials, and her transition to the e-commerce realm promises to be anything but child's play. Get ready for a retail adventure, where Tanya turns her childcare chaos skills into an asset for the online shopping revolution!

Our capable team consists of:

Hayley – Purchasing Administration
Leeanne – Sales Administration
Caroline – Accounts
Tom – Business Development
Kirsty - Office Manager
Simon - Managing Director
Andy - Technical Consultant

And in our warehouse:

Mark – Warehouse Manager
Steve – Warehouse Operative

Not forgetting our most important office duo.

Meet Emma and Dudley, the dynamic doggy duo who traded souvlaki for scones as they went from Greece to the UK, thanks to the pawsome efforts of the charity Settusfree! Emma, the Greek goddess of motherhood, and Dudley, the shy son, proved that rescue missions can be as epic as a Greek tragedy – just with a happier ending! With their charming accents and a knack for sassy tail wags, they paw-sed their way into the heart of Simon, our managing director, and become part of this adoptive family in the UK. Now, instead of chasing olive oil spills, they're navigating the delicate art of tea and biscuit etiquette. Settusfree truly deserves a standing ovation for turning these Greek strays into British royalty – from "woof" to "Cheerio" in no time!