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Environmental policy

Everybody, and every corporate body, has a duty to protect the environment. This means making decisions and investing time and effort to ensure our activities and operations do not harm the environment.

At H Foster 1875 we are totally committed to sustainable business operations, including responsible environmental management and continual improvement of our environmental performance. This commitment is embedded in our brand values and business strategy. It is made real by reducing our consumption of energy and materials, controlling or eliminating waste, preventing pollution and deploying sustainable solutions to business challenges. In particular, we will:

  • Identify, monitor and focus our improvement efforts on those aspects of the business having a significant environmental impact.
  • Set environmental performance goals as part of our business planning process, including annual improvement targets monitored via our business scorecard and in management review meetings.
  • Provide our managers and teams with sufficient resources and information to enable our environmental performance goals and targets to be achieved.
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements and other requirements related to environmental performance.
  • Audit and improve our processes and systems in order to enhance our environmental performance.
  • Consider environmental aspects and impacts as factors in business and operational decisions, always balanced with health, safety and quality considerations.
  • Support the design and procurement of environmentally friendly processes, equipment, products and services in our head office, warehouse and supply chain.
  • Support environmental initiatives in the chemical distribution sector and the local community.

Our Business Management System is the framework and foundation for all the above. The BMS meets all the requirements of ISO 14001 and supports other approvals that enhance our credibility and establish confidence in our brand. The BMS will be continually improved as standards change and lessons are learned from audits, reviews, performance data and stakeholder feedback.

Everyone working for H Foster 1875 is required to perform their daily duties within the framework of the BMS. The BMS helps us to work as one team with common objectives. However, we all have an individual responsibility and a personal interest in taking care of the environment, and we encourage all employees and stakeholders to make improvement suggestions in this regard.

Simon Eggar, Managing Director