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Working with ethical suppliers

We're partnered with KahlWax – responsible wax suppliers that we're proud to work with.

Just like us, KahlWax puts ethics at the forefront.

KahlWax is part of the Union for Ethical Biotrade (UEBT). The UEBT brings together a range of stakeholders (companies, NGOs, governments) to promote sourcing that respects people and biodiversity. Part of the Initiative for Responsible Carnauba (IRC), KahlWax is supporting the improvement of the carnauba section.

Woman in green jumper pouring a bowl of wax pellets into a black saucepan.

We know how important it is to research suppliers, ensuring we’re working with the most ethical. We’ll only be sourcing our carnauba wax from producers that have both signed the contracts with the Brazilian Ministry of Labour (TAC), and members of the UEBT and the initiative (IRC).